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West Region

West Region .
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2018-2019 MYWAY West Region News ; Information and Update.

Good afternoon. 

Welcome back all the wrestlers, coaches, admins, family and friends. Hope everyone is well and rested.  We have another great season ahead of us.  We are looking forward to reuniting with our adapted wrestlers and their families as well meeting the new members who will be joining the great wrestling family there this - the West.

We had an awesome turnout for our meeting last Sunday afternoon. 

Coaches and Admins:   Please remember to relay all the important information from the meeting and the emails sent  prior to the meeting to your club parents and memberships. I can’t stress the importance and the need to meet with your club parents and membership.  It is imperative that they are aware of the MYWAY policies and procedures; expectations; what needs to be done. As well as what are the consequences if the MYWAY policies, procedures and expectations aren't followed.  Here are some of areas  that we feel need be reviewed with club parents and membership prior to the season beginning. 

  1. Pre-registering or signing up wrestlers or their wrestler.  
  2. Satellite Weigh-ins. 
  3. Parents protocol for all questions
  4. Payment for tournament fees.
  5. Behavior & conduct for all wrestlers, coaches and parents either on the mat or off the mat.   that goes for any MYWAY event either in region or out of region; individual or team competition.
  6. Communicable disease & Skin Conditions - the proper protocol to following and form to be completed by the doctor.
  7. Qualification; requirement and who will be allowed on the tournament floor and at mat side.  How it will policed and monitored.  It will be same for ALL MYWAY REGION Events/Tournaments.

Here is the 2018-2019 MYWAY West Region Tournament Schedule.


West Region Tournaments 2018-2019



Muskegon Orchard View - O&N



Allendale   O&N



Muskegon Reeths Puffer   O&N



Rockford  O&N



Bryon Center    O&N



Grand Haven    O&N



West Greights  Host: Muskegon CC  O&N



Ionia   O&N



West Ottawa  O&N



Grand Valley Tournament  O&N



TK-Middleville   O&N&HS



Meijer State Winter Games  Host: Davenport   O&N&HS


Hudsonville – O & N & HS






Belding    O&N&HS


16 &17-Mar-19

Regional:  Host: Northview 



Wyoming WC    O&N&HS



State:  Location: Kalamazoo Wings Stadium



For additional information, news and update please check the MYWAY Wrestling web page under the west region or our Facebook page MYWAY West Region.

Thank you for your time, understand and participation it greatly appreciated.

Steve Gross   MYWAY West Region Director

t. 616.902.5259




Make sure wrestlers get registered by Thursday night at 10:00PM.  Registration opens on Mondays.

Changes made at the scales if you sign up for the wrong division; age group, parents to validate information.

No Additions after Thursday night. – If your club allow parents to pre-register their child, then we expect the clubs to train and show the parent on how to do it.

Satellite weight ins:  Same as last year. 

MUST Weigh in wearing a Singlet; Competitive shorts (shorts that you can wear in public) and t-shirts.  NO Boxers or underwear.

No Walk Ups

Tournament fees pay at weigh ins.

Check your brackets Friday night or Saturday morning before the event ( 

If you have issues immediately email Wendi Gross with the problem:

No changes after 8:00am Sunday morning

West Region Weigh-in Sites

Location Address Day Time
Northview High School - Northview Use the Athletic wing Entrance (back of school) 4451 Hunsberger NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525 Friday 6:00PM – 7:00PM
Allendale High School 10760 68th Avenue Allendale, MI 49401 Friday 6:00PM to 7:00PM
Belding 850 Hall Street Belding, Michigan 48809 Friday 7:00PM to 8:00PM
Belding Next to the High School Football Field
Hart High School 310 300 W Johnson Street, Hart, Michigan 49420 Friday 6:30PM to 7:30PM
Hart Mat Room. Entrance is on South side of gym.
Ravenna Middle School 2700 S. Ravenna Rd, Ravenna, MI 49451 Friday 5:30PM to – 7:00PM
Muskegon Reeth Puffer Middle School 1545 N Roberts Rd. Muskegon, MI 49445 Friday 6:30PM to 7:30PM
THORNAPPLE KELLOGG HIGH SCHOOL - Please use South Entrance 3885 Bender Rd, Middleville, MI 49333 Friday 6:00PM-7:00PM

West Region Board Members

Name Position Email
Steve Gross Executive Director
Ami Nadolsky IT
Wendi Gross Head Pairer
Karl Nadolsky Head Referee
Wendy Koolstra Treasurer/Secretary
Jeff Frick IT Assistant

2018 West Region Clubs & Contacts

Allendale WC Doug Meekhof
Chris Bannister
Belding Folkstyle Art Ward
Rebecca Maycroft
Broncos WC Matt Mooney
Blair Kloosterhosse
Byron Center Andrew Emmitt
Chad Wood
Ken Ottow
Caledonia WC Steve Norman
David Schnurstein
Heather DeHaan
Cedar Springs WC Jacquie Troup
Scott Marsman
Comstock Park WC Jennifer LaVallee
John Mckay
East Grand Rapids WC Sheryl & Chris Lee
Kelly Lepley
FHC Mat Club Charlie Alm
Coach Anderson
Forest Hills WC Brian Lambert
Fremont Wolf Pack WC Brad Myers
Jen & Will Prewitt
Jeff Thom
Fruitport Kevin Lee
Dominic Dault
Grand Haven YWC Adam Cook
Johiah Rodriguez
Grand Rapids Christian WC Ferrell Clark
Grand Rapids Wrestling Academy Chrissy Gant
Dale Gant
Grandville WC Trisha Priest
Chad Gritter
Tommy Graverson
Coach Gritter
Grant WC Michelle Kaminski
Mike Roesly
Greenville WC Gabe Brimmer
Juliane Giles
Greenvile Elite Catherine Daily
Hart Attackers Brad Atland
Ken Bronkema
Hesperia WC Kimberly Rosencrans
Holland WC Jeremy Myers
Hook & Catch WC Corey Ottgen
Hudsonville WC Terry McAlary
Brennan Leeuwenberg
Ionia WC Amy Wilkinson
Rick Charon
Jenison WC Anton Barynas
Kenowa Hills WC Rob White
Brian Gorman
Kent City YWC Wendy Kik
Chad Kik
Kentwood WC Greg Hudkins
Paul Hollamon
Ben MeMaagd
Lakewood WC Tony Harmer
Alex Smith
Little Red Devil WC Tim Elmer
Justin Domanski
Lowell WC Matt Dood
Coach Boudro
Ludington WC Jerome Nickelson
Mona Shores WC Jeremy/Amy Coffey
Derek Stout
Montague Wildcats WC Bill Darke
Muskegon WC Chandler Ricks
Sue Murar
Northview Wildcat YW Rita Burns
Cathi Rohen
Orchardview WC Bruce Zitka
Jace Learn
Ravenna Al Kiester
Shawn Forner
Rocket Wrestling Rachel Huntley
Chad Cook
Brad Couier
Rockford WC Angela Kroll
Jason Bosscher
Michelle Cook
Coach Richardson
Saranac Youth WC Jayson Potter
Jodi Potter
Scottville WC Coach Trim
Mason County Central
Shelby WC Ed Felt
Lisa Felt
Sparta WC Rich Troeger
Chris Troeger
Rebecca Larsen
Spring Lake YW Garth Trask
Kurt Kruger
Team Hazardous Nick Boucher
Dave Gibson
Team Hendy Wrestling Michael Henderson
TK WC Jason DeVore
Jason Curtis
Luke Middleton
West Michigan Defenders Karen Zielinski
Dan Zielinski
West Michigan Pursuit David Andrus
Bardra Chong
West Ottawa WC Ryan Lancaster
Arik Jurries
Whitehall WC Scott Manoz
Tommy Dempsey
Wyoming Wolves YWC Jeffrey Frick
Zeeland WC Glen Drenten
Matt Tibbs
Jason Hoffman


2018-2019 Statewide
Weigh-In Sites

Team Admins & Parents:  
If you have registration
issues please email
before 10 am on Friday to help
you correct it before documents
go out to the events.


Club admins & parents registering for events:


When tournaments offer Open & Novice together.  Age Groups 13-11 & 04-03 will only have Open Divisons. Age Groups 10-09, 08-07 & 06-05 will offer both Open & Novice Divisions. Please pick accordingly when signing up. If you register for both Open & Novice you will be put into the Open event by default. That must be corrected at weigh-ins.

Please choose an age group & weight class when signing up a wrestler. If you are competing in an event in an event in the Central, East, Southwest, or West this information can be changed after weigh-ins.  If you are competing in an event in the Far North, North, Northeast, or Metro this is MANDATORY to get you on the correct bracket.


NOVICE Wrestler

Is he/she a Novice wrestler?

I will do my very best to give my short version when handling novice questions.
The definition of a novice wrestler has many other variables other than just two years of competition.
Unfortunately, in the past, we found some parents, coaches and clubs miss treating what novice is meant for.
As a result, we came up with something that we felt describes what a novice wrestler is.  

Every wrestler is different.  Our reasoning is pretty simple the wrestler’s ability to compete at the next level.
This is where we put our faith in the coaches  and parents to make the right choice.

Case # 1:
      You may have wrestler who has been wrestling for more than 2 or 3 years… and has never won a match or hasn’t been successful in placing in tournaments. Just hasn’t developed or matured yet.
          The wrestler likes wrestling, but by the “definition” isn’t considered novice.  But their ability and skill is still at the novice level.  We have told coaches and parents who have wrestlers that have this situation to leave them in novice. You must contact the director first.

Case # 2:
       You may have wrestler who has been wrestling for 1 year… and has won matches and even placed in tournaments.  The wrestler improves each week.
          By nature they are a good athlete.  Again by “definition” this wrestler is considered novice.   But their ability, skill and aggressiveness is that of an open or advanced wrestler.

In these two of cases  the definition really doesn’t apply. This wrestler is NOT a novice.

We rely on coaches, helpers and parents to use their judgment.  You know who wrestles and their ability and how aggressive they are on the mat.
We believe there are good people who will make the right decision – based on the wrestlers ability, skill level, and aggressiveness in a competitive level. 
 Our goal in MYWA and in the West Region is to provide an opportunity for all wrestlers to wrestle all year at a level where they can have fun and develop.

 If a concern is brought to our attention, we will investigate.

Proper protocol for novice questions is to contact your coach or coaches with any questions or concerns, FIRST.  If they are not able to answer the question or concern, then THEY can contact Steve Gross, not the parents.