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Central Region

Central Region .


Check your brackets by 8 pm the night before the event ( 

If you have issues immediately email: Kelsey and/or Kendra with the problem:


2023 Regional Weigh In Locations

Club Location Special Instructions Day Time
Holt Holt HS Enter in doors by the wrestling room March 10th 6-8 p.m.
Northwest Northwest early elementary school 3735 Lansing Ave. March 10th 6-8 p.m.

2018 Central Region Current Clubs

Club Contact
Bath Youth WC Jamie Sivak
Capital City Lions Josh Brennan
Charlotte Grapplers Jessica Haughton
Columbia WC Ron Guernsey
Corunna WC Andy Zeeman
Dansville WC Trista Baker
Dewitt WC Carrie Braska
Durand WC Karly/John Webb
Eaton Rapids Youth WC Josh Onstott
East Lansing Chris Compton
Grass Lake Warriors Kelli Reid
Hanover-Horton Comet Wrestling Ronnie Sorrow
Haslett WC Sam Bird
Holt WC Jodi Liles
Jayhawk WC Brandon Britton
Maple Valley WC Lane Brumm
Mason WC Robert McElmurray
Michigan Center Young Cardinals Timothy Hattey
Napoleon Youth WC Jessica Roth
Northwest Red Crushers Tawna Brautigam
Okemos WC Matt Prinz
Olivet Folkstyle WC Eric Jones
Ovid-Elsie Justin Potter
Owosso Wrestling Zeb Perrin
Portland WC Shiloh Kramer
Simmons Academy of Wrestling Nick Simmons
Springport Spartans Crystal Grimmett
St Johns WC Keri Pettigrew
Team Blackhawk Missy Smieska
Titan Takedown Jerome Broughman
Waverly Warrior WC Russ Lee
Western Mat Cats Sommer Engelter
Williamston WC Derek Zenker

Weight Audit Procedure:

All MYWA Events will follow a “no weigh in” format this coming year.

The procedure for the Central Division will be as follows:

• A wrestler shall declare his weight class at the time of on-line registration. If you click the wrong weight class or need to make a change, you may do so until the charts are posted on Saturday night. COACHES ONLY can do this by emailing or

• Skin Checks will be done by officials no later than 20 minutes prior to the start of each session. Wrestlers will be marked as passed by the officials, any questionable area’s that need to be evaluated further will be done by the Regional Director or the on-site medical professional, all decisions then will be final. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

• Random Audit: 10 minutes prior to the start of wrestling, one or two mats will randomly be drawn to be audited. All wrestlers for that mat must then weigh in prior to competing. Any wrestler more than 2 lb. over the weight class will be disqualified and his/her name as if they had been challenged and failed. No wrestler on an audit mat may e subsequently challenged during the tournament.

• Challenge Procedure: Club President/Designated agent/Coach of unaffiliated wrester, for that tournament will be able to challenge the weight of any wrestler in the tournament who was not subject to the random audit. Any challenged wrestler must then weigh in immediately at the head table. If the wrestler is more than 2 lbs. over the weight class, he/she will be disqualified, and his/her name will be recorded on a statewide database. If the challenge is unsuccessful, the club that challenged will be recorded as a failure.

• If a wrestler has been disqualified, for the next three (3) future tournaments he must weigh in at the head table 30 minutes prior to the beginning of his/her wrestling session. A second missed weight will result in disqualification for the remainder of the season.

• Once the club/affiliated wrestler has had 3 failed challenges, they will be ineligible to challenge for the remainder of the season.

Payments for each tournament will be made at the head table and is the responsibility of the club prior to the start of competition. All MYWA no-show rules shall apply.