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West Region


2016-17 Statewide
Weigh-In Sites

Team Admins & Parents:  
If you have registration
issues please email
before 10 am on Friday to help
you correct it before documents
go out to the events.


For the MYWAY GREIGHTS TOURNAMENT in FREMONT, on March 12, Byron Center will NOT be a weigh in site due to other commitments by their staff. We will have Ravenna become a STATEWIDE weigh in site for this event only. Times and the address are listed on the flyer.



Team State Dual Satellite Weigh-In ONLY at Lowell High School (Athletic Hallway) Friday 7:00-8:00 PM


11700 Vergennes St SE, Lowell, MI 49331

Site Manager: Rob Stehley 


Check your brackets by 7 pm the night before the event ( 

If you have issues immediately email Wendi Gross with the problem:

You must let Wendi know by 8:30am if you are NOT going to make it to the tournament.  This goes for morning and afternoon sessions.

Some points of interest and reminders.

-  All clubs must have completed and returned their concussion certificate and background checks prior to Sunday December 4th.

-  You must pay your 2016-2017 annual Clubs fees – if you haven’t already.

-  ALL wrestlers must be registered and have a ID number to be eligible to wrestle in a tournament.

-  ALL wrestlers must be pre-registered BY NO LATER THEN 10:00PM THURSDAY NIGHT.

The West Region does NOT accept walk ups.

-  Please make sure you per-register the wrestler in the right tournament.  Either open or novice – not both.    

-  Age group 10-12 (5-6 Yr. olds).  There will only be a open tournament –There will be no novice tournament.

-  Age group 03-02 (Oldest age group).  There will only be a open tournament –There will be no novice tournament.

ALL wrestlers will pay their tournament entry fee at the scales.  They need to pay their $10 BEFORE they will be allowed to step on the scale.

 -  Remind parents and wrestlers it is a ONE step on weigh-in.  There will be no check scales at the weigh in sites.  Absolutely no cutting weight at the scales

-  All wrestlers must and will weigh in in either their singlets or gym shorts.  Gym shorts are shorts that are worn out in the public and public places.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

-  Brackets will be posted on track wrestling Saturday night.

There will be no changes made to the brackets after 8:30AM Sunday morning.  All changes must made prior to 8:30AM.

 - Only the following changes will be made to brackets they are the following:

 -  If the wrestler is entered in the wrong age group.

 -  Entered in wrong weight class.

 -  Left off the chart by mistake.

-   The head pairer – is the only one that can make changes to the brackets.

-   No weigh-ins on the morning of the tournament.  All weigh-ins will be held on Friday night. 

-   No walk ups allowed.  Everyone must be pre-register.   No exceptions.

-  Tournament will be starting at 9:00AM

-  Any communicable skin problem or condition needs have the MHSAA Communicable form filled out properly and signed by a doctor, if it looks questionable our Officials or designated person at weigh-ins will not pass your wrestler during skin checks.  No Exceptions.  We take this very seriously.  It is for the safety of the other wrestlers, officials and  tournament workers.   

 -  Wrestlers must be clean shaven, fingernails clipped, must wear mouth guard if wearing braces, and must wear headgear.  No tape on the head gear. No tape on the shoes, only on the shoe laces.

Hair caps attached to headgear Mandatory for wrestlers not groomed to HS standards.   No exceptions.

Thank you, we look forward to a great year of wrestling and appreciate your participation and support for west region wrestling.

Please call me for any questions at: Cell 616-902-5259 after 5:00PM and before 9:00pm.

Good luck to all the west region wrestling family.

Steve Gross,  West Region MYWA Director.


Your team admin should have received an email for the Concussion certificates.

If not here is the information sent out earlier.

This year Concussion Certification will be a requirement for all MYWAY Clubs to be in compliance with Michigan State Law.  The law requires all coaches, employees, volunteers and other adults who are involved with Youth or High School athletic activities to complete the concussion awareness online training course(s) listed below. For your Club Membership to be activated for MYWAY registration this year you will have to take the CDC and/or the NFHS online concussion course(s).  The CDC course link is for those involved with participants 12 years of age and under.  The NFHS course link is for those involved with participants 13-18 years of age.  You must take the course(s) that apply to your age level of athletes.  If you have kids in both groups you will need to complete both courses.  The courses are about 30 minutes each and at the end it will provide you with a certificate of completion.  PLEASE save or print that certificate.  Your certificate along with any other coaches, volunteers, staff, etc. will need to be sent to Steve Gross before start of the 2016-2017 season.  Please name your files with the person last name and CDC or NFHS (exampleSagemanCDC or SagemanNFHS).

CDC – YOUTH TRAINING (12 years of age and under)

NFHS– HIGH SCHOOL TRAINING (13-18 years of age)  (Click order Course)

Forward the concussion certificates to Steve or Wendi Gross