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West Region

West Region .


West Region


Check your brackets Saturday before the event at

If you click the wrong weight class or need to make a change, you may do so up until the charts are posted.

If you see other issues with YOUR wrestler, immediately email your club admin/coach to contact unless you are an unaffiliated club wrestler.

If your wrestler has no one in their weight class, email your club admin/coach to contact and we will see what we can do to help you get matches. 

On Sundays we are only handling sick wrestlers.  There is a clipboard at Head Table for sick and drops.

We will not be making any more changes to brackets including switching wrestlers from open to novice after 6pm on Saturday.

Table Worker Video

This video is for tournament workers who will be running the matside computers at tournaments.

West Region Board Members

Name Position Email
Kevin Krebs West Director
Ronda Krebs Head Pairer
Karl Nadolsky Head Referee
Ami Nadolsky IT

West Region Club Sportsengine Links

Team Name Club Contact Club Link
Allendale WC Brittany Brown
AnchorPoint Christian Ed Harris
Ares WC Owen Scott
Belding Black Knights Brianna Rich
Byron Center Jake Kuncaitis
Caledonia WC David Schnurstein
Comstock Park Heather East
Coopersville WC William Breen
Crusader Club
Forest Hills Central Clay Hatinger
Forest Hills Eastern Jason Mann
Fremont Wolf Pack Tylar Fitzgerald
Fruitport Brad Chorny
Grand Haven Adam Cook
Grandville WC Stacy VanPortfliet
Greenville WC Michael Schmidt
Hart Attackers Rocky Smith
Hook and Catch WC Corey Ottgen
Hudsonville WC Matt Workman
Ionia WC Luke Smalley
Jenison Wildcats Devra Lowing
Kenowa Hills Josh Bowen
Kent City Kaitlyn Goguen
Kentwood WC Eric Foster
Lakewood WC Anthony Harmer
Lowell WC Matt Dood
Michigan Grappler RTC JJ Johnson
Mona Shores WC Michael Leonard
Northview Wildcats Rita Burns
Orchard View Andrew Deiters
Ravenna Jennifer Drummond
Reeths-Puffer Rockets Jason Hernandez
Rockford WC Jeffrey Swendrowski
Saranac WC Alisha Warner
Scottville WC Kendel Trim
Shelby WC Dustin Dean
Sparta WC Derek Rosenberger
Spring Lake Sean Wesley
TK WC Jason DeVore
West Michigan Pursuit Barbra Chong
West Ottawa Derek Foster
Westside Falcons Josh Evans
Whitehall Vikings Anthony Varela
Wyoming Wolves Jeffrey Frick
Zeeland WC Jason Hofman

NOVICE Wrestler

Is he/she a Novice wrestler?

I will do my very best to give my short version when handling novice questions.
The definition of a novice wrestler has many other variables other than just two years of competition.
Unfortunately, in the past, we found some parents, coaches and clubs miss treating what novice is meant for.
As a result, we came up with something that we felt describes what a novice wrestler is.  

1st: If you have placed in regionals or in the state tournament, regardless of how many years you have wrestled, you are NOT a novice wrestler.

Every wrestler is different.  Our reasoning is pretty simple the wrestler’s ability to compete at the next level.
This is where we put our faith in the coaches  and parents to make the right choice.

Case # 1:
      You may have wrestler who has been wrestling for more than 2 or 3 years… and has never won a match or hasn’t been successful in placing in tournaments. Just hasn’t developed or matured yet.
          The wrestler likes wrestling, but by the “definition” isn’t considered novice.  But their ability and skill is still at the novice level.  We have told coaches and parents who have wrestlers that have this situation to leave them in novice. You must contact the director first.

Case # 2:
       You may have wrestler who has been wrestling for 1 year… and has won matches and even placed in tournaments.  The wrestler improves each week.
          By nature they are a good athlete.  Again by “definition” this wrestler is considered novice.   But their ability, skill and aggressiveness is that of an open or advanced wrestler.

In these two of cases  the definition really doesn’t apply. This wrestler is NOT a novice.

We rely on coaches, helpers and parents to use their judgment.  You know who wrestles and their ability and how aggressive they are on the mat.
We believe there are good people who will make the right decision – based on the wrestlers ability, skill level, and aggressiveness in a competitive level. 
 Our goal in MYWA and in the West Region is to provide an opportunity for all wrestlers to wrestle all year at a level where they can have fun and develop.

 If a concern is brought to our attention, we will investigate.

Proper protocol for novice questions is to contact your coach or coaches with any questions or concerns, FIRST.  If they are not able to answer the question or concern, then THEY can contact Kevin Krebs, not the parents.