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West Region

2021-2022 West Region Event Flyers


Attention West Region

Ravenna will not be open for weigh ins on  March 6.  Wendy Ks daughters bowling team, made it to the State Finals.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

Congratulations to the Ravenna Bulldogs bowling team.  



Check your brackets Friday night or Saturday morning before the event at

If you see issues with YOUR wrestler, immediately email Wendi Gross with the problem:

If your wrestler has no one in their weight class, email Wendi and we will see what we can do to help you.  We will try to only delete sick wrestlers on Sunday morning.

We will not switch you from open to novice after weigh ins are closed and brackets are posted.  This should have been done at the scale.


COACHES Please make sure to review your Coaches Card Profile before events.  All 4 ONLINE steps MUST be completed before 5 pm Saturday. The 5th Step (Coaches Conduct Form) must be brought to check in table the first event you attend after that we will have it on file to receive you coaches band.  See link below for all requirements.

This includes ANYONE that is going to be matside.

Now, just a reminder,  just because you have a wristband does not mean that you can stand matside. There are 2 coaches per corner. This includes the camera person.  Matches will be stopped until everyone is in the stands,  except for the two coaches per corner. Team mates are not permitted to sit matside.



2019-2020 MYWAY West Region News ; Information and Update.

Good evening,  

Welcome back to all the wrestlers, coaches, admins, family and friends.

Coaches and Admins:   Please remember to relay all the information you have learned at our West Region meeting, to your club parents and members. I cannot stress enough, the importance and the need to meet with your club parents and membership and inform them of all the rules.  It is imperative that they are aware of the MYWAY policies and procedures; expectations; what needs to be done. As well as what are the consequences if the MYWAY policies, procedures and expectations aren't followed.  Here are some of areas  that we feel need to be reviewed with club parents and membership prior to the season beginning. 

  1. Pre-registering or signing up wrestlers or their wrestler.  
  2. Satellite Weigh-ins. 
  3. Parents protocol for all questions
  4. Payment for tournament fees.
  5. Behavior & conduct for all wrestlers, coaches and parents either on the mat or off the mat.  That goes for any MYWAY event either in region or out of region; individual or team competition.
  6. Communicable disease & Skin Conditions - the proper protocol to following and form to be completed by the doctor.
  7. Qualification; requirement and who will be allowed on the tournament floor and at mat side.  How it will be policed and monitored.  It will be same for ALL MYWAY REGION Events/Tournaments.
  8. Only coaches that have been through all NUWAY protocol can be mat side, with a wristband.
  9. All parents/grandparents need to stay in the stands.  You cannot take pictures at mat side, unless you have a coaches band. If you are taking videos/pictures, you are considered a coach.  Only 2 coaches are allowed mat side during a tournament.

For additional information, news and update please check the MYWAY Wrestling web page under the West Region or our Facebook page MYWAY West Region.

Thank you for your time, understanding and participation it greatly appreciated.

Steve Gross   MYWAY West Region Director

t. 616.902.5259




Make sure wrestlers get registered by Thursday night at 10:00 PM.  Registration opens on Mondays.

Changes made at the scales are if you sign up for the wrong division, age group, parents are to validate information.

No Additions after Thursday night. – If your club allows parents to pre-register their child, then we expect the clubs to train and show the parent on how to do it.

Satellite weight ins:  Same as last year. 

MUST Weigh in wearing a Singlet; Competitive shorts (shorts that you can wear in public) and t-shirts.  NO Boxers or underwear.

No Walk Ups

Tournament fees for the West Region weigh in sites only, you pay at weigh ins.  Out of region weigh in sites, you pay first thing on Sunday morning.

If you register for a tournament and do not weigh in, you owe the region $5.  If you register and weigh in, then do not show for the tournament, you owe the region the entire entry fee.  This rule is for every MYWAY tournament. Payments need to be paid BEFORE you can step on the scale for the next tournament.

2021-2022 MYWAY Schedule


Team Admins & Parents:  
If you have registration
issues please email
before 10 am on Friday to help