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Southwest Region Flyers

2022-2023 Southwest Region Event Flyers


**NEW for 2022**

Check your brackets by 12 pm the day before the event ( ALL ERRORS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 12PM OR MAY NOT BE ADJUSTED.

If you see any errors please e-mail email Brent Kunkle (Head Pairer) at as soon as possible.

The Southwest Region has adopted an "Audit Weigh-In" Process in response to COVID-19 and the safety of our wrestlers, staff, and visitors. Please contact your club director with any questions. Out of region or unaffiliated wrestlers may contact for more information. 



  • A wrestler shall declare his/her Weight Class at the time of on-line registration. Registration and weigh inns close Thursday at 10pm.

  • Skin Checks to be done by officials starting 1 hour prior to the start of each session and will continue 1 hour after the start of the session. Any/all matches missed because of late arrival will be marked down as a forfeit. Please plan accordingly.

  • Skin Checks will be performed in a designated area. Location of skin checks will be provided to each club director via. e-mail as well as on the region’s Facebook page MYWAY Southwest – Michigan Youth Wrestling Association. Wrestlers will be marked as passed by officials with a specific marking. Any attempt to avoid, circumvent, manipulate, etc. of this process may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of the wrestler and/or club.

  • One hour prior to the start of wrestling, mat(s) will randomly be drawn to be audited. All wrestlers for those mats must then report to the designated weigh in area. Any wrestler more than 2 lbs. over the weight class or 3lbs. for ages 2006-2008 (weight/growth allowance) will be disqualified and removed from the event (no refund). That wrestler will be required to weigh-in at their next Southwest event during the skin check/weigh in period.

  • All contestants shall weigh in wearing a legal uniform (singlet or shorts and a t-shirt). Wrestlers are allowed to step on and step off the scale and/or appeal to another scale (if available). The uniform may not be altered, adjusted, or removed during this process.

  • Club director, designated agent, or coach of unaffiliated wrestlers for that tournament will be able to challenge the weight of any wrestler in the tournament. Each club is allowed three individuals to act as an “agent” and must be formally registered on the “audit challenge audit list (this can be changed PRIOR to the Wednesday of a Sunday event).” If an agent needs to be changed for an event, an email needs to be sent notifying the MYWAY Director(s) this can be emailed to Any challenged wrestler must then weigh in immediately at the head table. This must be done prior to that wrestler's second match of the day.

  • If a mat is audited. All wrestlers on that mat will be ineligible to have his/her weight challenged (they’ve already had their weight confirmed). 

  • If the wrestler is more than 2 lbs. or (3 lbs. in the case of a wrestler born between 2006-2008) over the weight class he/she will be disqualified (no refund) as mentioned above and his/her name recorded. If the challenge is unsuccessful, the Club that challenged will have the failure recorded. On the second failed challenge the club director or agent will be responsible for a $25 administration fee to be paid at that time and every time thereafter. 

  • If a wrestler (who is registered with a Southwest regional club OR is unaffiliated but within the geographic confines of the region) has been disqualified, at their next Southwest event, he/she must weigh in at the weigh-in/skin check 1hour prior to the beginning of his/her wrestling session. A second missed weight at any time will result in disqualification (no refund), and that wrestler will be required to weigh-in during the weigh-in/skin check process for the rest of the year. Any wrestler that fails a total of 3 weigh-ins will be suspended for the remainder of the season (including the postseason).

  • Once a club/unaffiliated wrestler has had 3 failed challenges (1 for unaffiliated wrestlers), they will be ineligible to challenge for the remainder of the season.

  • This format will not be used for the MYWAY Regional or the MYWAY State Finals

  • Once a wrestler is formally registered and placed in a bracket they cannot be moved from one bracket to another except in the case where they were erroneously placed in the wrong age group (the Head Pairer has the authority to adjust brackets as needed with approval from the region director(s)).

  • If the Region is notified that a wrestler is unable to attend an event prior to the brackets being posted (the day before the scheduled event at 4pm) whether it be due to sickness, an emergency or other, the wrestler/club will NOT have to pay a $5 no show fee. If the wrestler is pulled after the brackets have been posted or does not attend, that wrestler/club will be responsible for the $5 no show fee (the purpose of this policy is to encourage parents/clubs to take initiative to remove a sick or potentially sick wrestler prior to the start of an event).

  • MYWAY Southwest Directors have the right to adjust these policies on a case by case basis. 


Tournament No Weigh-In Procedure Steps for registering your wrestler:

  1. Select an age group. You MUST choose the proper age group so that the correct weight classes appear.

  2. Choose the weight class that you are entering your wrestler in from the list. Do not enter an actual weight, but select one from the dropdown menu.

  3. Click “Submit” and your wrestler is registered. If you click the wrong weight class or need to make a change, you may do so up until the charts are posted on Saturday night. Coaches only email the Regions Head Pairer with corrections.

Best Practices

Club Directors PLEASE help communicate this to your clubs, parents, and wrestlers. In order for this process to work as efficiently as possible the region needs YOU to step up and be a leader. Please communicate effectively and ensure that your wrestlers are in the correct weight class. 

  • If your wrestler is being registered for the 70lb weight class and has a birthdate of 2009 – they will receive a 2lb allowance. As such, if their “float weight” is 72lbs (within the 2lb limit) it is recommended that they be registered instead for the next weight class.

  • Having access to a scale in your room and logging your wrestlers weights BEFORE practice could help you assist where to best register your wrestler.

  • Keep in mind not all scales are certified or equal. As such, MYWAY Southwest will do our best to ensure we have access to a certified scale at each location. However, it is recommended that you keep this in mind in case of an audit or challenge.

  • The philosophy behind this policy includes but is not limited to; avoiding weight-cutting at the youth level, avoiding extra contact between wrestlers/visitors at traditional weigh-ins, and limiting unnecessary travel.


2022-2023 MYWAY Schedule CLICK HERE


Team Admins & Parents:  
If you have registration
issues please email
before 10 am on Friday to help
you. After 10 am Friday you will need to contact the Head Pairer listed on the bottom of your event flyer to make any corrections.