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Membership Information

  • MYWAY membership resets September 1st every year.
  • You can sign up and pay your club or individual memberships online.
  • All login information stays in effect.  If you forget your login email Denise. You do not need to create a new account.
  • Parents if you want to be connected to your wrestler email Denise. You do not need to add your child to the system again if they were a previous member.
  • Club Administrators if a wrestler was a member of a different team last year email Denise to have them switched over to your club.
  • All Clubs & Wrestlers must be registered to participate in MYWAY tournaments.
  • Membership fees provide Seconday Sports Insurance Coverage.
  • Membership fees must paid PRIOR TO COMPETING IN A MYWAY TOURNAMENT.
  • All Youth membership fees must be paid my March 1st to compete at a Regional event.


Contact Denise Sageman if you have any questions about membership.