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School Based Dual Team Rules - Pertaining to Wildcards / School Teams

Anyone wrestling in the School Team Duals must participate with his/her school if such school is entered, the event is a school based team duals therefore we would not grant approval for a school student who's school is entered into the Event permission to compete with an opposing school.  This is not a published item anywhere but a common sense item driven by the spirit of the event.

Everyone will need to follow suit and comply for your teams to be eligible for participation. 

This matter will be discussed in the Coaches meeting and I'm sure agreed upon by a very large majority of the programs involved as the appropriate standard.

Is not in the best interest to have a Wrestler competing for another school when his or her school they are enrolled in are entered and competing in the event.  



Rob Stehley 

MYWAY Team Duals State Director

NUWAY National Duals Director 

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