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Online Membership Sign-Up Directions

Online Registration Process

We have created videos to walk you through the process of using the MYWA online system. 


Creating a MYWA/NUWAY Account Video

  • If you are a previous member contact Denise for login information or to be linked to your wrestlers account.
  • Use this link to get to the MYWA online system.
  • Click the register here button to get started.  Make sure to fill in all the fields with *.
  • The system will automatically default to your home state.



Creating a New Club Video

  • If you are a club admin and need to start a NEW club with MYWA click the register New Club link on the left.
  • Fill in all the fields, select a zone, region, area, etc.
  • If you don't know your Region click the MYWA MAP here.
  • NUWAY will receive an email to approve your club.  Once that is done you will be able to login and pay your membership fees.



Paying Club Fees Video

  • Administrators please note your club fees MUST be paid first so your club members can get the $17 membership rate.
  • In your profile under the left menu links click on My Club
  • There will be a button on the right hand side to "Pay Club Invoice" click that and the club fee will be added to your shopping cart.



Paying Wrestler Fees Video

  • To Renew a previous member
    • click on the My Club link if you are a club admin then click on the link to club wrestlers.  
    • Anyone you wish to renew just click their shopping cart under actions to add them to your cart.
    • If you are a parent linked to your wrestler click on My Wrestlers in the left menu and add your wrestlers to your cart by clicking the shopping cart under actions.
  • To Add new members
    • click on the My Wrestlers link and follow the 4 step process to add to the system (be sure to select your club when filling in the wrestlers information)
    • When you are done it will automatically add them to your shopping cart
  • To Transfer a wrestler to your team that is a previous MYWA member contact Denise. Once she has transferred them over you will treat them like a renew wrestler.



Printing Membership Cards Video

  • MYWA membership must be paid in order to print a Membership Card.
  • Club admins can print each wrestlers card separately or the whole teams in the My Club tab under Club Wrestlers.
  • Parents if linked to their wrestler can print cards by clicking the photo icon under actions.



Registering for Tournaments Video

  • When logged into the MYWA system you will see a link at the top for tournaments you can click that to get to all the MYWA events.
  • If you would like to do a out of State NUWAY event you can change the State and click GO to see events in other states.
  • To register you will click the Red "i" (Info) under actions for the event you want to attend. Please note there will be separate events listed for Open and Novice Divisions.
  • In the new screen click Register Now.
  • Under actions next to the wrestler you want to register click the edit pencil.
  • Select the correct Age Group and put 0 for actual weight then click submit.
  • If there is online payment for the event a shopping cart will appear under actions for you to add the wrestlers to the cart to pay their event fees.



Insurance Binder Request Video for Club Administrators

  • If your school/practice facility needs proof of insurance this can now be done online through your Admin account once your club fee is paid.
  • In your profile on the left menu there is a link to request insurance binder.
  • Click the + to Add the practice site(s) for your club.
  • Fill in all the fields and click submit.
  • Click the Send Request button
    • an email will be sent to our MYWA administrator & our insurance provider
    • the binder will be emailed back to our MYWA administrator who will then forward it on to you.
    • This process usually take 24 hours unless it is requested over the weekend.