School Based Teams will be permitted to Roster 3 Michigan Wildcard Non District Wrestlers for the 2019 Season. *Must participate with the same Team for the duration of the MIGWAY Season and participate on the Roster Prior to 10/13 to be Eligible for MIGWAY Team State Finals participation.    Teams will Not be permitted to use any Wildcard Wrestlers if said Student/Wrestler School is a MIGWAY Dual Team Participant.

3 Wildcard Wrestlers must be Declared on Roster and all others must attend and have Proof of same School Enrollment.

All Wrestlers must have 2019-2020 NUWAY/MYWAY Membership.

All Designated Coaches must have completed NUWAYSafe Coaches Clearance (must be NUWAYSafe Coach) 

*Any Wilcard Wrestlers must reside and have Proof of Michigan School Residency.