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Coaches Corner

How do I get my Coaches Credentials

1.  Make sure you do this prior to the season starting since the Background may take some time

2.  Make Sure you use your OWN SportsEngine account, It cannot be an account under anyone else.

3. Go to the link below "MEMWAY Registration"

4.  scroll down to this:

5.  Select your Region/State and hit Submit

6. Find your club and hit your club link

7.  Fill out your membership if necessary or select yourself

8. Select Coach Membership

9.  Read and accept the Coaches Conduct

10.  Review your club and Membership

11.  Click to pay $35.00

12.  Once paid complete the Concussion, Awareness Training, and Background Information.  USE A COMPUTER -- NOT A PHONE

13.  Wait for your background check to be completed

**Background checks may take some time due to a NEW Michigan Law**

MEMWAY Registration

This link will take you to the MEMWAY registration system where you can access the coaches credential system.

* Please use a laptop or computer to complete protocols.  Some issues have been reported when tried on mobile devices.  


** If you are experiencing an issue with the message " (your name) already owns the membership or is awaiting approval from MEMWAY" use the email sent with the link instead of logging in through the website.