Hosted by Holt Wrestling Club  
Jacob Merhant The Sting first
Zachary Zakora CAWC second
Ethan Bishop Harper Creek first
Jarrel Lipsey Kalamazoo second
Anthony Patino CAWC third
Jordan Seida Fulton fourth
Taylor Norman Team Mountie first
Mark McCormac Plainwell second
Brant Salinaz CAWC third
Riley Keller Harper Creek fourth
Kolin Leyrer Holt first
Martin Jones CAWC first
Ricardo Villegas CAWC second
52 pounds
Tanner Wilson Allegan first
Keith King Plainwell second
Treat Stone Holt first
58 pounds
Brad Bohannon Harper Creek first
Gary Lipsey Kalamazoo second
Thomas Collins III CAWC first
Stephen Merchant The Sting second
Hunter Knapp CAWC third
46 pounds
Jared Brickley Holt first
Jakob Bishop Harper Creek second
Marcelino Trevino CAWC third
Zane Zakora CAWC fourth
49 pounds
Kyle Simaz Allegan first
Tyler Lamar Holt second
Cody Powellson Fulton third
Caleb Zakora CAWC fourth
52 pounds
Austin Kelley Allegan first
Kemps Miller second
Dominic Curtis CAWC third
Juaquin Sanchez CAWC fourth
55 pounds
Eli Villabos The Sting first
Montana Bupp MI Bad Boyz second
Alejandro Sanchez CAWC third
Nate Bell Ionia fourth
58 pounds
Zac Hall The Sting first
Tyler Spade Fulton second
Jon Warfield CAWC third
Chad Hettinger Wolfpack fourth
61 pounds
Trevor Stone Holt first
Liam Widman Fulton second
James Schavone Kalamazoo third
64 pounds
Moises Garcia CAWC first
Brad Osterman MI Bad Boyz second
Aubrey Knoblach Plainwell third
William Bohannon Harper Creek fourth
67 pounds
Anthony Chapa Ionia first
Robby White Ionia first
Darin Tyler CAWC second
51 pounds
Kenneth Dittenber Eagle Claw first
Freddie Rodriguez Holt second
Alex Price Fulton third
Kody Hukill Otsego fourth
55 pounds
Ben Whitford Holt first
Tyler Daniel Coloma second
Alberto Lopez Otsego thrid
Austen Livingston Portland fourth
59 pounds
Jordan Dennis Ionia first
Dominic Trevino CAWC second
Carlos Zamora CAWC thrid
Lukas Gilmore Eagle Claw fourth
63 pounds
Eric Root Plainwell first
Chris Apostol Holt second
James Carey The Sting third
Taylor Simaz Allegan fourth
67 pounds
Chris Seyka Holt first
Bruce Hubbard The Sting second
Jon Ashley Portland third
Brandon Piggott Ionia fourth
71 pounds
Marcus Jenks CAWC first
Seth Hanton Holt second
Jarred Maystead Wolfpack third
Travid Dadow Harper Creek fourth
75 pounds
Garrett Ewalt MI Bad Boyz first
Korey Knapp CAWC second
Jordan Kopp Harper Creek third
Travis Curley CAWC fourth
80 pounds
Ryan Williamson MI Bad Boyz first
Dakota Reyes The Sting second
Noah Harless The STing third
Ryan Farguhar Wolfpack fourth
85 pounds
Andrew Kelley Allegan first
L J Wilson CAWC second
90 pounds
Patrick Eldred Portland first
Colton Callaway Wolfpack second
Mickey Pelfrey Team Saxon third
Alex Wells Ionia fourth
95 pounds
Clayton Gibson Kalamazoo first
100 pounds
Nathan Robinson Portland first
D'Kwon Guerrero CAWC second
Sam Spade Fulton first
Joe Turner Kalamazoo second
David Soya Team Saxon first
Richard Reid Kalamazoo first
60 pounds
Brenan Lyon The Sting first
Chris Lyon The Sting second
Mike Spalks Holt third
65 pounds
Chris Dormer Eaton Rapids first
Tyler Keselring MI Bad Boyz second
John Glenn Coloma third
Taylan Knobloch Plainwell fourth
70 pounds
Brandon Smith Eaton Rapids fisrt
Jordan Capen The Sting second
Chase Snider Plainwell third
Corey Alegna The Sting fourth
75 pounds
Christian Miller Holt first
Jakeb Faber MI Bad Boyz second
Del Crawford Holt third
Ridge Morrell CAWC fourth
80 pounds
Riley Ewalt MI Bad Boyz first
Huston Harrison Coloma second
Jordan Gross Ionia third
Chase Baxter Western Mat Cats fourth
85 pounds
Steven Poffenberger Allegan first
Koort Leyrer Holt second
Jordan Peterson MI Bad Boyz third
Trevor Schnepp Eaton Rapids fourth
90 pounds
Morgan Stenz CAWC first
John Rizgallah Allegan second
Drew Harding Springport third
Trevor Davis Otsego fourth
95 pounds
Zac Seyka Holt first
Mason Blackmer Ionia second
Steven Dickerson CAWC thrid
Logan Jewell Western Mat Cats fourth
100 pounds
Corbin Boone Portland first
Colin Smythe Allegan second
Travis Reed Independent third
Raymond Courter Springport fourth
105 pounds
Michael Jones CAWC first
Jacob Engle Ionia second
112 pounds
Christian Marble The Sting first
Kyle Humphrey Fulton second
Augie Delemeester Wolfpack third
126 pounds
Tim Robinson Eaton Rapids first
Albert Betancoort The Sting second
133 pounds
Justin Marsh Plainwell first
Julius Widman Fulton first
Michael Dye Kalamazoo first
Max Pelfrey Team Saxon second
70 pounds
Dustin Jennings Springport first
75 pounds
Josh Dormer Eaton Rapids first
Calvin Cusack MI Bad Boyz second
Roman Clark MI Bad Boyz third
Travis Marshall Holt fourth
80 pounds
Dan Osterman MI Bad Boyz first
Justin Sklapsky Eaton Rapids second
Dustin Miller Holt third
Richard Cullom Kalamazoo fourth
85 pounds
Shane Schnepp Eaton Rapids first
Garrett Rozeboom Eaton Rapids second
Chaz King Holt third
Mike Leholm Team Mountie fourth
90 pounds
Trevor Barker MI Bad Boyz first
Andy Krcatovich Allegan second
Austin Kimmel The Sting third
Brianna Muenzenmayer Fulton fourth
95 pounds
Curtis Huntoon The Sting first
Brett Hubbard The Sting second
Justin Shwechuck Holt third
Brandon Casto Western Mat Cats fourth
100 pounds
Philip Lyon The Sting first
Miles Freed MI Bad Boyz second
Cameron Kelly Kalamazoo third
Jonathan Hensely Holt fourth
107 pounds
Adam Wilson Harper Creek first
Nathan Kulas Springport second
Devin Rose Allegan third
Martin Bell Eaton Rapids fourth
114 pounds
Eric Smith Allegan first
Wayne Bogie MI Bad Boyz second
Zach Shaw Holt third
Greg Courtney Allegan fourth
122 pounds
Cameron Simaz Allegan first
Bobby Rosecrants Western Mat Cats second
Zach Harding Springport third
Com Risener Ionia fourth
130 pounds
Brandon Rhodes Allegan first
Zane Stenz CAWC second
Jon Reeves The Sting third
Nick Bowerman Ionia fourth
138 pounds
Dustin Meert Plainwell first
Jacob Marshall Allegan second
Brandon Robinson Eaton Rapids thrid
Andrew Woodrow Ionia fourth
145 pounds
Michael Kronke Otsego first
Conrad Bovee The Sting second
Tyler Smith The Sting third
Kurtis Carman The STing fourth
155 pounds
Michael Taylor Eaton Rapdis first
Benjamin Strauss Holt second
Jessica Widman Fulton third
Scott Dunham The Sting fourth
170 pounds
Dan Craig Allegan first
Bill Hubbard The Sting second
Philip Zerull Western Mat Cats third
J Hiatt Eaton Rapids fouth
Logan Sanders MI Bad Boyz first
Joe Rizgallah Allegan second
Daniel LeClere MI Bad Boyz third
Matthew Sooy MI Bad Boyz fouth
Adam Warner Ionia first
Mitch Zajac Holt second